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Here are only a few of the success stories we see every day in our office:

Since I have been getting treatment I have been feeling better. The soreness in my shoulder is going away as well as the pain in my neck is fading. Anyone who has any type of pain or soreness should definitely see TOTAL WELLNESS they will make sure your are taken care of.

Before I started I had such a hard time sleeping but since the therapy I am sleeping much much better. I am confident that by the end of this long process that I will have a brand new back.

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I had thought about chiropractic care for long several years as I had long term back problems that doctors had always treated with muscle relaxants. They had gotten better but never gone away. When I fell on some ice and could barley move the next day, I knew it was time to treat it judging by past experiences. I felt much better much much faster than with medication. I can even feel myself walking straighter and just feeling better overall and
I’ve only been in treatment for a few weeks


Before I started coming here for chiropractic therapy my back pain was horrible. The pain and spasms would prevent me from doing simple things such as walking or sitting for extended periods of time. My main concern was that it kept me from riding and competing my horse. Beside the pain and spasms, I suffered from chronic migraines and dizziness.

I had been to many doctors including Johns Hopkins and Georgetown University Hospital. Everyone told me that there was nothing wrong. Some even went as far as to tell me I was imagining my pain. My friend had similar symptoms and told me she was seeing a chiropractor, urging me to do the same. I came and spoke to Dr Kappes who informed me that I had vertebral sublimation complex. Everything he told me about my condition made perfect sense. Within two weeks of treatment my headaches and spasms were coming less and less. Now I rarely suffer any pain at all. I am now a very strong believer in chiropractic therapy.


After my car accident , I was having neck pain since I m on a regular schedule the pain is not so bad. I m sleeping better, and my flexibility is now getting better


It was a little tough and sometimes painful to move my neck in directions but lately it's improved tremendously, (I’ve also had headaches almost 2 to 3 times a week and decrease too) which is surprising since I never knew chiropractic care can help with headaches.


Before I came here I could not sleep at night because I would be in a lot of pain. At work I couldn’t bend or move without getting shooting pain down my back and legs. I had trouble standing and sitting, I started to lose my appetite, couldn't rest, and was very sick. When it got really bad you couldn’t even touch my back because it hurts so bad, but now that I been here I can sleep, walk , sit , ride and work without any pain.


I have been able to stand a lot better at my evening job, which requires a lot of standing, walking, moving etc… All these things have become easier. I was able to wear a pair of heels a couple of times, which I haven’t been able to walk in due to back pain.


I have been so impressed by this office that at graduation from my treatment, I may want to find out how I can be a chiropractor myself. That’s how well I think of this profession.


Before coming to Total Wellness, I would wake up in the moring with neck pain that shot down my arm. After speaking with the staff, I was set up with a treatment schedule. After 2 months of treatment I do not experience the pain any more, I have more flexibility in my neck and I am still improving.


When I first started out I had a series of back pain and headaches. Once I was checked and started with the doctors the pain wore thin. Now I can stand and work all day with out worrying about my head and back hurting.


I am very happy that Total Wellness was referred to me. It took me while to finally come. I finally came when I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I would have trouble sleeping and have difficulties on some of my daily activities but after coming here, I have been feeling so much better. I havn't been waking up in the middle of the night. I am also able go get through my daily activates. I am very happy I made the choice to see a chiropractor and very happy that it was here. Thank you to all the staff at Total Wellness of Bowie. I appreciate your time and kindness.


Since coming to the chiropractor I have been sleeping better. My neck problems have improved and my lower back has been less painful. I am more relaxed and I am able to get back to my normal routine.


I’ve been coming here for at least 4-5 months and have only had 2 migraines as a apposed to one or two every week.


My upper back and neck were always aching. Now they are more relaxed. I sleep better when I see the chiropractor on a regular basis. My ankles and knees are much better. Any joint that is bothering me is adjusted as soon as I mention it. I can walk so much better now. I even started a walking program that includes steps. I would never have imagined me being able to walk steps as well as I do.


My name is (NAME LEFT BLANK), Page and I have been recieving treatment for my neck and back for 4 week and this staff is absolutely wonderful, there high spirits and positive attitudes have had a great affect on me


I have experienced wonderful care through this office. It is like visiting your family. Everyone from the office staff to the Doctor is very concerned about your care. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone. It has really helped my neck pain


When I came in I had severe neck and low back pain. Since I began treatment here my pain has gone from severe to mild. The low back and neck stim doctor’s procedures leave me feeling great after every treatment. The staff is also wonderful and polite.